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There are not many professionals that would emblazon their passion, let alone their career choice, in ink, on their arm. Candîce Van Eeden, Optometrist at Vision Works Optometrist Fourways is somewhat different. A pair of glasses, tattooed on her left forearm, indicates Candîce’s enormous passion for eyes, her patients and eyewear.

She loves to explain every aspect of both the various eye tests and subsequent results to her patients, in a way that it is easy for anyone to understand. She also loves helping patients select their frames, as this is a vital part of the entire optical experience. The Sandton Times sat down with Candîce to discover 5 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR EYES:

EYE OPENER…Strangely most people never consider seeing an Optometrist when they start getting headaches. They usually attribute headaches to stress, posture or other more severe reasons. However, most headaches are as a result of uncorrected vision, explains Candîce.

“Most headaches associated with eye strain will be felt temporally (on the sides of your head), frontal (your forehead) or occipital (at the back of your head – close to where your head joins with your neck). The portion of the brain that receives visual import and allows you to see is actually at the back base of the brain, hence the headaches close to your neck. This type of headache is almost always associated with neck and back issues, yet now it’s worth considering that it can also be your eyes. So before you rush off to get MRIs and CTs scans, be sure to check your eyes first.”

– Optometrist at Vision Works Optometrist Fourways, Candîce Van Eeden

AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE…Most people only feel the need to see an Optometrist if they cannot see clearly. This is certainly not the case, comments Candîce.

“Many people are certain their vision is beyond perfect, which is far from true, as how would anyone know what “perfect” vision is, unless they had a scale or test to measure it? Therefore, if you have never had an eye test done before, do yourself a favour and get one done. The result of the eye test can help with headaches, eye fatigue, red eyes, vertigo, sleep issues and general eye discomfort.”

– Optometrist at Vision Works Optometrist Fourways, Candîce Van Eeden

EASY ON THE EYES…In this day and age majority of jobs require several hours in front of a computer. Studies have been done that prove that there is a specific light range that can be harmful to the eye health in the future, highlights Candîce.

“For this reason, there is a coating that has been created called Smart Blue Light Technology, which prevents that harmful light spectrum from entering the eye. It has also proven to help with sleep cycles, depression and computer eye strain.”

– Optometrist at Vision Works Optometrist Fourways, Candîce Van Eeden

A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES…Red, burning, watery eyes are common, but are not normal. And majority of the time it is not due to allergy, advises Candîce.

“When patients are treated over the counter at a pharmacy they are often given anti-allergic drops, which cover up the symptoms, but do not help with the cause. It is for this reason that when it comes to your eyes you never consult over a counter, but rather see an Optometrist, who will identify the real cause and treat it correctly.”

– Optometrist at Vision Works Optometrist Fourways, Candîce Van Eeden

PLEASING TO THE EYE…The UV exposure in South Africa is intense. It is critical that sunglasses are worn at all times while outside, recommends Candîce.

“Wearing sunglasses while driving is good for sunlight tolerance, but the windshield cuts out more of the harmful UV. When you are in the actual outdoors you are at risk of even greater exposure. From a very young age children should be encouraged to wear hats or good sunglasses during extended outdoor play. South African’s are very conscious of sunblock, yet put very little emphasis on eye care.”

– Optometrist at Vision Works Optometrist Fourways, Candîce Van Eeden

The best way to experience all that Vision Works Optometrist Fourways has to offer is to go, and see them for yourself. You can visit them at Intercare Health Centre in Fourways or call 011-745-6782.

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