Anyone that has ever used the ride-sharing service UBER, has a UBER rider rating. Just as passengers rate drivers, so too do drivers rate their passengers.

One star is a dismal performance whereas a five star rating is given for a notable experience. Either way, the moment this rating drops too low for passengers, it might get a bit tricky to get an UBER ride again. The fact that this rating is not all that easy to find, makes this an intriguing piece of information for any and all UBER users.

There used to be no way to see your rating. Until now.


Here is the secret: Open up the UBER app, go to the profile icon in the top left, go to ‘Help‘. Select ‘Account‘. Then select ‘I’d like to know my rating‘. The score result is instant.

With a low passenger rating, it tends to be harder for you to get a ride. UBER wrote in their Newsroom about the passenger rating:

“We care a lot about feedback from both riders and drivers, especially when it comes to safety. It’s why we insist that people in the driver’s seat rate their passengers after each ride, and vice versa. If the rating is low, we ask why. It might be that a driver is unhappy about an unruly rider. Or a rider is worried that her driver was going too fast. Either way, we need to check what actually happened. Mostly it’s about talking to both sides.  But increasingly technology can help get to the truth.”

UBER provides some Pro Tips on how to improve your passenger score:

Pin It To Win It: A few seconds to make sure your pin is dropped in the right place. Entering your destination ahead of time makes everyone’s life easier. And, in case you were wondering: drivers can’t see your destination before accepting a request.

Please Don’t Pile In: Most cars with UBER can only fit 4 riders. If you’re in doubt about how many people your ride can fit, use this formula: number of seatbelts = number of riders. Looking to transport a small army? Upgrade to our uberXL or uberSUV options, which can fit up to 6 riders.

Follow The (UBER) Golden Rule: Treat your driver (and their car) with care. It’s their own personal property, and let’s be honest: that greasy pizza can wait. And even if you needed to be at your location, like, yesterday, please don’t encourage your driver to break traffic laws like illegal u-turns. They’re there for everyone’s safety.

Time is Money: Driver-partners do everything they can to pick you up in under 10 minutes. Please try to return the favor by being ready to hop in your UBER when it arrives. You can let your driver know you’ll be a few minutes late by calling or texting them using UBER’s in-app feature.

What’s In a Name? A lot, it turns out. Want to make sure you’re in the right ride? Simple: just confirm your first name with your driver and ask them to do the same. Looking for other ways to confirm it’s the right ride? We got you covered. The make, model and license plate of your ride will also appear in the app.

While this isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list of everything you can to do to up your UBER rating in 2016, it’s probably a great start. Use our UBER invite code: ubersandton, and get a free ride up to R100. Redeem it Here!


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