Khloë Terae [also spelt Khloe Terae] was Playboy South Africa’s third Playmate of the Year in 2014. The Sandton Times caught up with her earlier in the year during her visit to Sandton with THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT for this interview.

Where did it all start?

I lived in Canada. There’s so much snow, it’s not even funny, so I decided to follow my dreams. Dropping everything, I moved to Cancún and the Playboy Club had paid for the flight, set me up with a three bedroom apartment with food and all I had to do was show up for work everyday. It was awesome. I then went for testing to be part of Playboy Mexico and this was my first foot in the door to becoming a Playmate. Fast-forward the story and I became Playboy Mexico’s Playmate of the Month in February 2013. I was 19.

Since then I’ve continued to work for the Playboy Club full time, besides modelling, and have pursued getting global exposure in the international editions of the magazines. I sent in my photos to Playboy US, but there are so many girls that they only got back to me 9 months later. Before that, I was determined to make the US edition so I started working Hugh Hefner’s private parties as a body paint model. There’s thousands of girls that apply and you have to be handpicked by Hugh Hefner in order to become a body paint model. Initially I wasn’t picked but now I’m a 34D which helps. I used to play Hockey and Rugby in high school so I was as flat as a wall. I was pretty hardcore though – I had four brothers so I was the girliest tomboy you will ever meet in your life because I love hair, nails and makeup.


“There’s thousands of girls that apply and you have to be handpicked by Hugh Hefner in order to become a body paint model…”

Khloe Terae

Tell us about the ‘butterfly’ tattoo?

This is my only tattoo. I got it when I was 16 and I don’t regret it. Usually when you get a tattoo at that age you’re most likely going to regret it. The butterfly symbolizes that I am the eldest daughter and I have little hearts following its trail representing each of my brothers. It also means that I lead them through life. I always want to be there for them in life and come talk to me. I want to be their inspiration, be a role-model to them – even though I am a Playboy Playmate and I do pose nude, I’m still a normal person. When I drop my brothers off at school, everyone wants to come say hi.

Khloë you’re doing quite a bit internationally. What is the big plan?

I’m looking at internationally branding me. I started contacting all the international editions of Playboy to start. My brand isn’t just Playboy but it is a great way for me to get published and get recognised globally, so I started with Playboy Greece and became their Miss April 2013. Then I contacted Playboy South Africa who initially weren’t keen as I’m not South African, but I weaseled my way in and being Dutch, I eventually became Miss June 2013. Then I got my cousin in the magazine, April Eve, and she became Miss December 2013. I’ve since then been featured in Croatia, Venezuela etc.

This is giving me opportunities to travel that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I found a bikini sponsor, Ravish Sands, whom I’ve known for a while, and she does crystals on swimwear. Now, the first thing that happened on July 4 when I went to Hugh Hefner’s house, obviously wearing an American themed bikini, a few fans didn’t like that because Canada day is on July 1, and I hadn’t worn a Canada themed bikini, because I didn’t have one. I started searching online and I couldn’t find anything, so as part of my 10-year plan, I want to come out with my own swimwear line.


Then I approached Ravish and suggested creating a range together, because I have so many ideas, and they have everything already, so together we are coming out with some awesome creations. Back to the flag themed bikinis, and we sat down to come up with the coolest Canadian flag bikini anyone has ever seen, so I can redeem myself. After that, it exploded everywhere. It was all over the news in Canada – newspapers, social media, television etc. Then people started commenting and requesting a Swedish one and so the ball started rolling. I initially thought to make one for every holiday and do a themed shoot for each one but now we started with doing one for every country I’ve been a Playmate in, so that’s what we’re looking at finishing off now.

Any plans to auction these bikinis?

My brother has autism so there is a charity in Toronto that I’ll be donating two pieces from Ravish Sands, along with something close to heart, like one of my cuff-links from Playboy, and hopefully auction these off to raise money for charity. Added to that, my mom and I wrote a book, directed at children which is ready to go to print, explaining what autism is. This is a big project. We’ve also made eight different t-shirts, with different emblems driving autism awareness, inspired by my brother James.

My brother is very sensitive to processed food and his reaction to sugar or these by-products results in him making loud noises and being quite restless. Even shampoo and conditioner can do this. When you bring scissors close to James to cut his hair, he starts crying. He also has a bit of a speech impediment, so it makes it harder for people to understand him. He won’t speak in full sentences and I’ve become accustomed to understanding him through this impediment.

We just took him to Disneyworld which was awesome.



The BLACK TAPE PROJECT and I have been working together for a year. He owns the BLACK TAPE PROJECT and is a tape artist, and photographer and actually shot my pictorial for Playboy. He does a lot of outside work with the tape, having started five years ago. Having been very artistic, with drawings etc., he started designs with tape and does very custom work to compliment each models body. He can tape pretty much anyone. Even though you are technically naked, it gives you an outfit and makes often unflattering chests, curves or bums look nicer.

How do you take the tape off again?

It’s not the best part, but it honestly depends. Amateurs have tried to mimic it and they buy some hardware store tape, only to find out that when the girls take it off their skins changed colour or they have a rash for 2 months. You have to be very safe. I get taped as much as once or twice a week.


To keep up with Khloë follower her on Twitter or visit her webpage

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