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Red Bull Box Cart Race is set to return to South African streets for the first time in eight years. Bodacious gravity-powered, engineless box carts will hurdle down Sandton Drive, Joburg on Sunday, September 16 and entries are now open. Red Bull Box Cart Race has graced streets all around the globe with over 100 races run since the first in Belgium in 2000.

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DJ Sbu has added a whole new meaning to the phrase “fake it till you make it” with his fabricated Forbes Africa cover. Sandton based Forbes Africa has had to set the record straight after Sibusiso Leope or DJ Sbu, as he is known, circulated an image of himself and

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A drive through Camps Bay in Cape Town won’t only provide a beautiful view of the mountain, the beach and outlandishly priced ocean view property, but Red Bull marketing has also done a wholesome job in ensuring every bus stop is branded with their latest Special Edition selections. Some dislike

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