The Seychelles have seen a significant increase in visitor numbers to the island nation in January 2017. If you are one of those planning to visit this tropical destination off the coast of East Africa, The Sandton Times has compiled some practical tips to keep in mind when planning your Seychelles Holiday.

1. It’s a four hour flight to the Seychelles, and as with most tropical destinations, it comes at a premium. Download one of our favourite travel apps Hopper, to help you analyse the best time and price at which to fly to the Seychelles, using historical airline data in an easy and user-friendly way.


2. Be sure to go full-board or all inclusive if you are staying at a resort, as the local prices, much like the scenery, could leave you breathless. We found the island to come with some elevated pricing across the board, compared to likes of Mauritius and Goa. Don’t let the cost spoil your holiday – plan ahead.


3. If you intend spending some of your sunny Seychelles days snorkelling, be sure to bring along your own gear if you don’t plan on renting some goggles and a snorkel for a day, as the local prices for this hot commodity are somewhat steep – that’s if they haven’t been snatched up already!
4. Uber hasn’t made it to these white shores yet, and the local bus service, although better than some other countries we’ve visited, is not always practical. Should you want to explore all there is to see in the Seychelles, its best to rent a car, as the taxi fares to get around the island could cost you a chunk of your holiday money.

5. There is generally no crime in the Seychelles, but its always good to be safe rather than sorry. Keep an eye on your items, be reasonably cautious and when in doubt, you can always lock those valuables in your rental car whilst you go for a dip!

6. When you’re out and about in town, pop into a local supermarket and fill up on some cold drinks and snacks. It will cost you way less than purchasing these from some of the hotels and restaurants.

7. Remember that the Seychelles kicks into peak season from around December to March and then again from July to August, so if you don’t want to be fighting off the masses and paying inflated prices, be sure to book your trip around these times. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from some of the best times to dive and sail in these alternative months.

8. Make sure to see the Aldabra giant tortoises – some of the largest and oldest tortoises in the world. If you decide to do some jet-skiing on Beau Vallon Beach, be sure to visit Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino. There you can take a selfie with these magnificent animals at no cost.
9. There are a huge amount of beaches to choose from if you are looking to swim, snorkel or just soak up the sun. No one resort or hotel owns a beach exclusively in the Seychelles, so be sure to visit some of the many picturesque swimming spots. One of our favourite can be found at the Sunset Beach Hotel, where you can literally swim with the fishes.

10. The Seychelles Rupee and South African Rand, as of 2016/2017, are almost one-to-one, making the converting of prices a fairly easy task, although most establishments will accept mostly Euro or the local currency. Dollars tend not to be as popular a currency.

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